The Vision Statement vs the ACA

The Heart in Health Care Reform

Faithful Reform in Health Care was founded to help people of faith move beyond cable news interpretations of health care reform to intentional reflection and conversation based on the faith-inspired values that give meaning to the lives we share together.  Throughout the process to enact health care reform in the United States, the coalition consistently elevated a moral vision for our health care future.

As we moved through the implementation and regulatory process, we continued to measure progress against “A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care” — elevating the compassionate realities of reform, and identifying where injustice in health care continues to diminish the common good.  “The Heart in Health Care Reform” resources will help advocates understand the Affordable Care Act as it was first implemented.

As noted in the original “heart in health care reform” resources, we will be called upon often to take the age-old moral test of a society – the test which measures how we treat those in the dawn of life – the children; those in the twilight of life – the elderly; and those in he shadow of life – the sick, the needy, and the differently-abled.  Essential to this framework are the most basic questions about justice in health care:

  • Who is included? Who is excluded?
  • Who pays? Who profits?
  • Who is accountable? And to whom?
  • Whose voices were heard? And whose voices were silenced?

For personal or group reflection, download the full 6-page document:  “Reflections on A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care and Health Care Reform.”

New resources will be developed to directly address the specific challenges to health care justice now being presented through the legislative efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.